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Helping Youth Make Healthy Choices.

SRSLY Manchester's mission is to promote the health and well-being of Manchester youth through a community-wide initiative aimed at decreasing the onset and incidence of high-risk behaviors, including the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.



Manchester Voices was founded after the Washtenaw Community Health Organization (WCHO) performed a needs assessment that identified Western Washtenaw as a priority area for prevention programming to address the issues of underage and adult binge drinking.


Karen Bergbower & Associates responded to the request for services and developed the project that became Manchester Voices. Two changes took place in 2011, a countywide movement away from adult binge drinking and a new emphasis on abuse/misuse of over-the-counter medication.


Manchester Voices was approached by SRSLY in Chelsea with an opportunity to use the remaining money from their Drug-Free Communities Mentee Grant. During this partnership, Manchester Voices was offered the opportunity to re-brand to SRSLY.


The coalition concluded it was a great opportunity to help create consistent and recognizable prevention messages and efforts across Western Washtenaw County, and it would lead to increased name recognition and resources.


We received our Drug-Free Communities Grant which awarded us $625,000 for 5 years. Our current strategic goals that we have been working on are decreasing marijuana use by youth, decreasing underage drinking, and decreasing the onset age of youth substance use.

We have some big plans and could use you on our team! 

The Coalition

Youth Steering Committee

Adult Steering Committee

Our youth are the heart and brains behind SRSLY. Our Youth Steering Committee leads our coalition in planning fun events, making community change, analyzing data, addressing destructive behaviors and promoting healthy lifestyles in our community. Our youth help plan events, activities and policies to help youth and adults connect, develop skills, build a stronger community, and promote positive mental health.

We partner with adults from sectors across the community: schools, parents, law enforcement, healthcare organizations, religious organizations, businesses, civic organizations, youth organizations, media, volunteer organizations, youth, substance use disorder organizations and government.


Community organization takes a team! We need you!


We are thankful for our community partners who make it possible: Chelsea Hospital, Manchester Community Schools, 5 Healthy Towns Foundation, The village of Manchester, Acorn Farmers Market, Law Enforcement, Manchester United Methodist Church, The Manchester Library, Manchester Community Resource Center.

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