Katie has been working with the SRSLY coalitions since August 2016 including activities in the Manchester. She is the SRSLY Manchester Transition Coordinator and is responsible for coordinating alcohol compliance checks, providing vendor education, overseeing Project Sticker Shock, SRSLY SAFE HOMES, and MOST Teens Don’t Use, as well as promoting the Big Red Barrel. Additionally, she will be assisting with coalition event planning and reporting outcome related data to our funding sources (Community Mental Health Partnership of Southeast Michigan, 5 Healthy Towns Foundation, and the St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital’s Community Benefit Fund). 

Prior to working with St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea and the SRSLY coalitions, Katie worked at Huron Valley Ambulance as an EMT and was a member of their Honor Guard team. Katie has completed her associates degree in Liberal Arts at Washtenaw Community College. Currently, she is finishing her undergrad at Western Michigan University in Child & Family Development. 

Katie is supervised by  Reiley Curran, who is the Regional SRSLY Director.

Reiley has worked with SRSLY for the past nine years. She started at Chelsea Community Hospital when SRSLY kicked off in Chelsea in August 2008. She helped get SRSLY started in Dexter and Stockbridge in 2012, and then worked with Lindsay to re-brand Manchester Voices in 2015.

Reiley went to the University of Michigan for her undergrad, then out east to Dartmouth for her Master’s in Public Health.