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Volunteer Hours! WHOA!

This has been an AMAZING year for volunteer participation and hours! As a potential federal grantee we make sure to track volunteer hours to be able to count it towards in-kind match. Below you can see how much our volunteers time was worth for in-kind match. Of course our volunteers are worth waaaay more to us and the community than this monetary value. Our volunteers make SRSLY what it is. All of our success in preventing youth substance use is because of them. So thank you volunteers we love you… seriously!

Dates: Aug 30, 2016 – Sept 15, 2017
TOTAL Hours: 3756.5
TOTAL Volunteers: 249
TOTAL Volunteer Hour In-Kind Match: $44,413.27

61 Adults  with 720.5 Hours total = 24.14 x 720.5 = $17,392.87
188 Youth with 3036 Hours total = 8.90 x 3036 = $27,020.40

Adult time is based at $24.14 according to independent sector website 
Youth time is based at $8.90 according to Michigan minimum wage