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​The SRSLY Safe Homes List has arrived in Manchester! SIGN-UP TODAY!


The Safe Homes List was adopted as a new intervention for the SRSLY Manchester Coalition in response to local conditions that increase risk factors associated with youth alcohol and drug use.

What is a SRSLY Safe Home?
A SRSLY Safe Home is a home in which the family has committed to providing a safe and substance-free environment for their children and any other youth who spend time there. Kids and adults can be confident that minors under the age of 21 will not be offered or allowed to use drugs or alcohol while they are in these families’ homes. The Safe Homes List is a record of all the families who have made this commitment.

“A common myth that I’ve heard is that if you’re an adult and you drink alcohol in your home you can’t be on the Safe Home list. That’s totally not true”, says Lindsay Hannah, SRSLY Manchester’s Coalition Director. “Adults can join the list as long as they don’t allow minors to drink in the home.”

How to sign-up
The SRSLY Safe Homes list currently lives online at Families can sign up by emailing Lindsay Hannah at or directly on the website.


Demonstrating Your Commitment as a SRSLY Safe Home

  1. Register your family on the Safe Homes List
  2. Display your FREE window clings in your home and/or car window!
  3. Change your social media profile to include the SRSLY Safe Homes overlay from June 1 – June 22 (overlay found on Safe Homes List webpage)​

Why the SRSLY Safe Homes List?
Last year the SRSLY Manchester Coalition performed a community needs assessment. The results of the assessment showed the following risk factors for Manchester youth.

  • Easy access to alcohol and marijuana
  • Low perception of risk of alcohol and marijuana use
  • Parents are not communicating a clear no-use message

The purpose of the Safe Homes List is to encourage families to

  • Communicate clear messages to youth about their expectations of alcohol and drug use
  • Monitor youth through high school
  • Change parent and youth perceptions that youth substance use is inevitable

Manchester youth report easy access to alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco products. 

  • 55% of MHS and 43% of MMS students report they have easy access to alcohol.
  • 35% of MHS students reported they have easy access to marijuana.
  • 43% of MHS and 19% of MMS reported they have easy access to cigarettes.
Manchester youth report drinking alcohol in their own home and/or at a friends house. 

  • Among the 19% of HS students who drank recently;

    • 52% usually drank alcohol at a friends house during the past 30 days.
    • 44% usually drank alcohol at home during the past 30 days.
Manchester youth report obtaining alcohol from parents or older siblings / peers.

  • Among MHS students who reported having consumed alcohol in their life time, 38% reported their main access point for obtaining alcohol was via parent/guardians either by the adult knowingly giving it to them (23%) or youth stealing it (15%).
  • Among MHS students who reported having consumed alcohol in their life time, 64% reported having obtained alcohol from an older friend or sibling, with 40% reporting this as their primary way of obtaining alcohol. 
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